The people on top of the WSO+ lists aren’t wizards, they’re just putting in more effort than your typical WSO salesman who puts up a WSO and calls it a night. It’s not the reality behind WSO sales, it’s the reality behind selling a product period.
One which works very well is the “review site”. This type of site will review either one product or many in a particular market and your goal is to rank well in the search engines for the keywords and phrases used by people searching for honest reviews of the product.
300 Hours writes about the CFA exams, but without evangelical fervour. Instead he focuses on helping fellow simians pass the exams or decide if they’re right for them in the first place. If you’re considering the CFA or deep in the trenches, have a read through a post or two, or check out
This incredibly-affordable one-time price discount is our way of making sure that VYCO is accessible to anyone who needs to maximize their traffic, generate more leads, get more customers, and/or boost sales.
Indeed a very nice article about setting up product launch yet misses out the utility tool like Product launch calender which helps the affiliates to find product launches and updates. The best product launch calender available on internet is “JVSPY”. It’s a comprehensive launch calender which provides latest updates and notifications to affiliates. One should definitely list their product launches on this site to get the maximum attention of affiliates. To register, please visit the site – !
3) Refunds will always be a part of selling. Some people will genuinely disagree with your product and some will just be serial refund-ers who go through product pages, get it then request a refund immediately after.
 » Each Business Listing in on a a clean page including pictures, information, operating hours, google maps, customer ratings as well as full customer reviews. The user review system allows customers to leave star ratings and reviews while giving you full control on the back end.
I am trying to supplement my CRE leasing knowledge. Would be awesome if anyone had a suggestion for a book or comprehensive source that covered various lease types and nuances for the different asset types and what to look for/be conscious of in each (as …
This can be helpful to someone like ordinary employee desiring to earn additional cash to cover the regular monthly costs more comfortably, or a retired man wanting to better use his spare time. Do not worry, others can benefit, teens who desire some pocket modification for their daily activities or moms that need to remain at home£house to care for their children.
Glad to hear you’ve found this post helpful. Since I’d written it, I’ve learned a thing or two about affiliate marketing… by doing it the WRONG WAY. Fortunately, a lot of good things came out of that! If interested, here’s the post:
Do you honestly think just because people are earning money with one method that they will never want to try and make money doing any other method? True entrepreneurs are those that want to try everything and are never truly happy with what they have — they always want more.
I love learning about new programs.I have learned over the past year that making passive income is not as easy a I first thought.I tried clickbank and I was confused at first it takes awhile.And I have recently been working with amazon .I have never made an in dept look into what I want from an affiliate company and this has made me stop and think thanks
Johathan – wow – sounds like you got burned in Warrior! I agree you have to be choosy: but I’ve had quite a few quality WSOs from Warrior over the years. One that springs to mind is Steve Benn’s video training, and another is a brilliant Media Buying course – Media Traffic Meltdown – sold by Cindy and Soren if I remember rightly. And there’s even been one of my own lol.
Looking for the best books to learn about selling. best books

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    Interesting you put together picking stocks and picking the right programs, Steve. The guy who wrote the RAMOS report I recommended in the post is very much into stock market and that’s the comparison he makes in his report as well.
    I just started doing affiliate marketing for Amazon and other sites like CJ and Rakuten. Am still a newbie and currently learning about AM and I must admit that your post did open my eyes especially on things like cookie duration, conversion rate, refund rate. I also did take note of Skimlinks and will definitely be checking out AffiloBlueprint. Thanks Ana!
    Most of the product on Warrior fourm will be listed with most appealing product landing page and don’t let it fool you. Go through all the comments and see what users are talking about it. Ignore the first few comments, as most of the time they are just to increase the rating of WSO and I had one bad experience with it, when I bought some case study related to penguin update.
    So instead of keeping track of several affiliate programs, making sure the tracking is accurate, you get paid on time, etc, you can choose to use a “conglomerate” affiliate platform to do that for you.
    Big affiliates won’t be attracted to your offer yet because you’re new. They want slam dunks, to shoot fish in a barrel, to deal with proven factors. So for now you’re playing with the small fry. Qualify them carefully by # of sales made, refund rate, and most importantly how their audience matches up with your offer (or not.) Don’t be afraid to message requesting affiliates for more info on that topic. And do not be afraid to say No. You want the best chances of success…not to throw as much unqualified traffic at the wall and hope something sticks. All that will result in is poor EPCs, very low conversions, and other stats. And you did it to yourself.
    With just one click, Vyco will show you all the videos with the most views, engagement and comments based around any keyword you put in. So there’s no need for you to spend hours researching viral content, as it’s now at your finger tips with just a click.
    Anyone that is making money by listing products on platforms like that is working very hard to drive traffic themselves and/or already has a reputation as a good seller to attract THE RIGHT affiliates. Just having 16 affiliates means nothing if they are lousy affiliates.
    Having said that I agree that there are a lot of people out there selling THEORY. Things they have not put into practice themselves but are trying to teach others. But it’s not the case with everyone.
    Well, one particular audience may become saturated, but the industry of selling people quick methods to make money will never die, so long as we live in a capitalist society. It’s a part of human nature to want to get something for nothing. Just look at any list of the current bestselling books. It’s all about how to quickly do something. How to memorize facts quickly, how to lose weight quickly, how to turn your life around in 30 days. The industry is alive and well.
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