Shawn – I love this post. I have set up a handful of WSO’s over the years. All did ok, though none were even close to stupid money successful. The last one I did was a bomb here on the forum. I relied too heavily on the Warrior Forum to do all the work for me.
6) All of these reviews point the unususpecting searcher to WA as being their #1 recommendation, best of the bunch, etc. They are linked over to the WA review, which is much better written and always glowing.
So they’re a guarantee of nothing. Have you heard of the 80/20 Rule, aka Pareto’s Law? It says that a small portion of causes produce most of the effects. In the case of affiliates, a small number of affiliates will produce most of your sales.
Thank you for saying all of that, not so new. I purchased a five star WSO that cost me less that ten dollars some months ago, the budget is tight at that week. It turns out that the seller is friendly and I am willing to opt in his list. Just some days ago I purchase his high ticket webinar session.
But what also makes a big difference as affiliate is whether you build up your own assets with your affiliate promotions. E.g. by writing blog posts or articles about products which will be available for a while (not being taken offline right after a launch).
He’s right. Relying Solely on WSO’s as a source of your income is a high mistake that many people (newbies especially) are guilty of. The best way to use WSO’s is to use them as a way to gather leads and build your list. And of course only sell or promote high quality products.
The people on top of the WSO+ lists aren’t wizards, they’re just putting in more effort than your typical WSO salesman who puts up a WSO and calls it a night. It’s not the reality behind WSO sales, it’s the reality behind selling a product period.
It can be so difficult to find a good affiliate program to endorse. The problem is, if it’s a good product (great front end conversions and upsells), then everyone in your niche ends up promoting it. It’s definitely a challenge to find something that converts that other affiliates aren’t paying a lot of attention to.
I’ll check into my CL settings regarding it saying that you have 0 comments approved. If you hover over the red heart right after your CL link, it shows that you have 8 comments approved and which posts you commented on.
I totally love your blog and your writing style. Thanks for the list above. I noticed it doesn’t include some of the ones I would have thought might be obvious. When I saw Kristi Hines here I definitely had to subscribe to your list. If you’re friends, remember to buy her a cup of coffee.
VYCO will search Facebook’s archives based off any keyword you enter in, and then pull back the posts and videos which are the most viral, with millions of likes, comments and shares, all delivered to you on a silver platter.
Every single person who is successful went through the process of not being successful. It depends how much you want it. If you just give up after a few failed attempts then the reality is you don’t want it enough and so you will not get it — regardless of whether you have a coach or not. A coach can not give you persistence and determination and they are the two skills you need to make this work. Without those two things all the knowledge in the world will be lost with you.
Watsco had cash and cash equivalents of $51 million as of Jun 30, 2017, compared with $56 million at 2016 end. The company delivered $32.2 million of operating cash flow during the six-month period ended Jun 30, 2017, compared with $41.9 million in the comparable period last year.
After seeing some of the price tags on the “Guru” solo ad coaching I knew that I could make a better course, offer it for cheaper than the $1,000’s that the other courses were charging and be successful with it.
But then you do a second offer… and a third… and a fourth. Each time you launch a new product your assets compound. You get some more customers. You build your list a little bit more. You attract a couple more affiliates. So each new product you release can progressively get out to more and more people and that’s how you begin to raise your profile and become a well known and well trusted seller. It just takes time but the rewards are definitely there for those who want them.
I have 3 options for you but to achieve success you must not be like 90%+ of people seeking help with affiliate marketing. They NEVER implement what they learn and simply go looking for that magic “short cut to success” that does not exist. That’s why so many fail online.
There are some decent little pieces of knowledge in these WAMA (Warrior Ask Me Anything) webinars, but the problem is, they are far too sporadic to be worth $97 a year, and many of them are already outdated because most of the discussions are about latest trends in marketing which quickly get outdated.
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A blog scientist by the mind and a passionate blogger by heart ❤️. Fountainhead of ShoutMeLoud (Award winning blog), speaker at various international forums.Life motto: Live while you can! Teach & inspire while you could & Smile while you have the teeth.
Well I would have to agree with you about these programs. The only one I don’t use and haven’t had much luck with is Amazon. Of course I’m not using their site to specifically promote affiliate products but when I have someone who has a product there I will support them. Yep, we’re not talking big bucks here at all.
Though, before you promote any product, I highly recommend you to buy it and use it for your own good. I purchased almost 8 WSO’s in last 4 months and I promoted only 2, because I realize rest 6 are not so useful or may cause issue in future. For example, Pinterest pin attribution plugin, which let me add Pinterest button to all uploaded image (Current to old image), was a good idea but it added a lot into loading time and made small images look ugly. So, despite of buying and using it for a week, I never promoted it. My point here is, there are thousands of WSO’s out there on warrioforum and instead of being a greedy affiliate, promote only those products which are useful and will be helpful for many.
If you release a WSO and it doesn’t do the numbers for you that you were hoping, do you always need to come up with a brand new method and product to try next time doing better on what you did wrong? Or is it ok and profitable to learn what you did wrong and then correct those things to relaunch the same product the correct way?
If you’ve spent any time over at the Warrior Forum, then you’ve most likely seen the tantalizing links that are scattered around for the War Room. So, what exactly is this Warrior Forum War Room and is it worth the money?
I was a Warrior Room member for 3 years and wanted to cancel my membership less than 24 hours after they billed me for the 4th year for about $100 and they refused to refund me. I had already paid for 3 years and barely ever went to the site and they wouldn’t refund my 4th year after I asked to close my account less than 24 hours of the billing.
We have politely let the ranking affiliates know that they hurt the chances of high-traffic success by *97%* with a link to The Study. Only 1 had a conscience that was sufficienty developed to take it down.
I’m glad someone has stood up and shown the positive side of WSO launches. Of course if you are going to put out a crappy product just thrown together from 3rd rate PLR. then you can expect (even if you get away with it the first time) To find it hard to get JV partners to support you in your future ventures.
The problem is: A lot of people today want everything for nothing and don’t want to put any kind of spin or action into anything. Just take a look at some of the scraping sites where people give away people’s WSOs and how many people lurk there requesting things.
When you go to “Affiliates” >> “Get Links” and you click on “Get Link” for an offer, you will see a popup like the one below. To turn tracking on, you must toggle the ‘ON’ switch, which will trigger the tracking options for Facebook, Google, etc.
Maybe something better organized in subsections (truly moderated where each wso would belong to a category – today for example you see SEO services in the WSO section when you have other sections for that like “Warrios For Hire” etc), would be more convenient and a win win situation for everybody.
As for the WSO section, I promote the ones that have a lot of positive replies. Since the feedback is good and the product has sold well, it should convert pretty well if you send decent traffic to it.
The possibilities are right here whether you dream of making just $100, or even $1,000, or $10,000 in a day by simply following a series of steps that has a proven track record for making five, six, and even seven figures in a space of days.
So any book, course, teaching program, or any other source of information which teach you how to achieve these two goals of traffic and conversions are the only affiliate marketing tools you will need.
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You can now add Facebook and Google Analytics Pixel Tracking Codes within WarriorPlus so that you can gather more data about your buyers and prospects, as well as engage them in retargeting campaigns, etc.
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