Don’t distribute affiliate earnings until your customer return window expires. If a customer has 7 days to return your product, then hold on to aff commissions for that long. If it’s 30 days, then 30, and so forth.
Ama, you mentioned the “refund rate” in your article but I believe that need a bit more explanation. Let’s take a down-to-earth example. We recently launched an affiliate campaign for our online coffee shop and got an affiliate who sent us a customer. The customer makes a $100 purchase. The affilite gets his $5. Soon a refund is requested (the client wanted a decaf coffee, for example). How do we deal with the $5 that we sent to the affiliate. What I expect is that we need to state the refund period (say, 7 days) and the affiliate money are released only after those 7 days. Is that correct?
Releasing WSO’s is NOT a business model anyway. That should never be your sole business, it should be part of it and a way to generate leads, test products before they go onto bigger and better things and so on but selling WSO’s isn’t really a viable business model at the present time.
Hi! The Warrior Special Offers is a marketplace on the Warriorforum containing products, services and offers for the Digital Marketing market. Products sold here range from software tools, ebooks, coaching sessions for people who work in Digital Marketing. See here: What is a WSO?
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The third is the membership program called The Affiliate Club. Some of the key features of this training is the live weekly webinars that are aimed right at beginners, step by step practical training that will show you exactly how to set up a profitable affiliate marketing business within whatever budget you have plus a private community group where beginners from all over the world share their ideas, successes and challenges directly with the world class coaches in this program
Affiliate marketing is a highly profitable online advertising method in which website merchants pay independent third parties to promote the products or services of an advertiser on their Web site. In other words, affiliate marketing involves posting a company s banner on your Web site or blog and attempting to send visitors to their Web site. If someone clicks on that banner or goes to that site and buys something, you will be paid a commission. While some affiliates pay only when a sale is made, some selling big ticket items like cars, credit cards, travel, and so forth have modified the model and pay for qualified leads. Affiliate marketing is now viewed as a key component of a company’s online marketing strategy.
2. You can pay us the small one time fee right now and gain access to our powerful software and training formula, so that you’ve always got a sure-fire way to drive super targeted traffic for pennies on the dollar, whilst creating yourself a huge ROI.
Most WSO ads in the Warrior Forum are about the same… They state a problem many internet marketers face (low traffic, low revenue, etc.), then state how THEY found a solution to the problem, and then tell you that if you pay them a certain price, they will reveal the juicy secrets to you. Most WSO’s will state insane monetary figures with phrases such as, “I’ve earned $10,000 in 2 months using this super simple technique!”
Watsco had cash and cash equivalents of $51 million as of Jun 30, 2017, compared with $56 million at 2016 end. The company delivered $32.2 million of operating cash flow during the six-month period ended Jun 30, 2017, compared with $41.9 million in the comparable period last year.
You will learn from the best marketers on the net, because of the 24/7 live support  from members and if you need help Kyle and Carson the owners are there to help you unlike other  internet gurus who don’t fine the time to respond to simple emails.
I’ve noticed there is some really good stuff in the WSO section. Is there a way to select a product that looks good and then become affiliated with it? I.e. drive traffic to it’s WSO page through a link?
Thanks for the good review. I have never joined the War Room, but I have visited their forum frequently and always wondered about it. I had reservations and your review clinched it for me. I have, however, joined Wealthy Affiliate and am a premium member. This was definitely worth it.
If you’ve spent any time over at the Warrior Forum, then you’ve most likely seen the tantalizing links that are scattered around for the War Room. So, what exactly is this Warrior Forum War Room and is it worth the money?
When you go to “Affiliates” >> “Get Links” and you click on “Get Link” for an offer, you will see a popup like the one below. To turn tracking on, you must toggle the ‘ON’ switch, which will trigger the tracking options for Facebook, Google, etc.
Every single person who is successful went through the process of not being successful. It depends how much you want it. If you just give up after a few failed attempts then the reality is you don’t want it enough and so you will not get it — regardless of whether you have a coach or not. A coach can not give you persistence and determination and they are the two skills you need to make this work. Without those two things all the knowledge in the world will be lost with you.
Once you do this you will have an exponentially better chance of succeeding as an affiliate marketer and give yourself a much better chance of being in the small percentage of people who fall into the 5%-10% who succeed.
Fake reviews are out of control. WA appears to have systematized a “fake review factory,” but other companies and also rogue affiliates have made this so widespread, especially for products related to “make money” and general “old school” net marketing, that sorting out good from bad requires an experienced, professional eye.
But what also makes a big difference as affiliate is whether you build up your own assets with your affiliate promotions. E.g. by writing blog posts or articles about products which will be available for a while (not being taken offline right after a launch).
One of the best things you can do is recruit a lot of JVs to promote your product because this is where most of the sales come from. Despite the staggering amount of visitors in the WSO section at any one time ‘organic’ sales are almost always low.
If you can find a reputable (very few and far between) product within the War Room that teaches any specific subject, and it’s current, then maybe you can pick up a few tips. If you take a moment to look at the how the information is delivered inside of the War Room, then you will quickly understand why it’s so hard to find relevant topics.
Get both of these in place strategically, and you literally have a surefire way to get laser targeted $0.01 to $0.003 penny clicks to any offer you want. Combine that with our powerful Facebook ninja strategy, and you can turn this into a sure fire cash ATM over and over again…
I do definitely agree with you on that point. Back when I released my first WSO (that was just under 2 years ago now) it was easier and that’s because there was less ‘noise’ in the marketplace. Back then there was maybe one product being released every few days. If you go and look at the jv boards now you will see most days have multiple launches listed. It’s gone crazy! It has quickly become a very crowded marketplace. But that can be an advantage or disadvantage depending on how you choose to use it.
Although it is harder nowadays to rise above the white noise, if you are prepared to put in the work and persist with it, the numbers possible these days are much bigger than the numbers these forum based launches were making back then. So yes, things are harder these days but there are still a lot of people who are making big bank with these launches.
It depends what it is. If it’s something that’s only truly worth about $20 then selling it for $7 to get leads is not a bad thing. If it’s a product that is worth $100+ and you are selling it for $7, again, it’s not necessarily a bad thing if it’s a lead in to your funnel. It depends what you are then doing with those leads. That’s what really matters.
 » There is no any heavy lifting is required after setting up the website because the rest is up to the experts to make the postings. No need to meet your clients as every related agreements and transaction are conducted online. Meaning you can run many directories in different cities and towns as you like easily.
Fact: success comes faster when you don’t have to go at it alone! Get exclusive access to our Passive Income Ninja FB mastermind. Ask any questions you have and get help from like minded marketers as well as access to Fergal and Carlos directly.
Sure, it’s only $10, but it’s principle. If I didn’t receive what I was promised there is no reason they should be rewarded by keeping my $10. Requesting refunds on low quality WSO’s isn’t just acceptable for you to do, but it helps to improve all WSO’s on the Warrior Forum. If people can’t get away with low quality Warrior Forum WSO’s, they will be forced to produce better material, and that benefits everyone. I’ve found that close to 20% of all WSO’s will warrant a refund.
Great post to start the week. I have been an affiliate with my web host for a few years and earn commissions sharing the services. The same man owns a fitness program and I am a founding member there also. Both programs are less than $10 a month so you need to build a large team and help that team duplicate to earn commissions that will let you work full time from home.
After the software has created your list, you can choose what to do with it.  I recommend you follow the “No Spam Solution” as to how to use the emails you generate from the software that was developed from the CAN-SPAM ACT
My experience with free WSO’s is that they generate a decent amount of subscribers but many of them are literally just downloading any freebie they can see in the hope they can use it later and then it gathers virtual dust on their hard drive. They never look at it and never open your emails.
I know you could keep it open, though then you can’t use scarcity to drive up the most sales when you actually have good affiliates promoting for you during the launch phase. And if you want to release it elsewhere at a higher price it’s best to close the offer. They really are meant to be special limited offers for the forum of higher priced higher value products. So seems more worth it to extend lifespan elsewhere, or simply relaunch a new updated version than keep it open.
A blog scientist by the mind and a passionate blogger by heart ❤️. Fountainhead of ShoutMeLoud (Award winning blog), speaker at various international forums.Life motto: Live while you can! Teach & inspire while you could & Smile while you have the teeth.
I’m glad someone has stood up and shown the positive side of WSO launches. Of course if you are going to put out a crappy product just thrown together from 3rd rate PLR. then you can expect (even if you get away with it the first time) To find it hard to get JV partners to support you in your future ventures.
I too tried out the War Room just to check it out and see why a lot of old-school IMers always talked about the Warrior Forum. I was unimpressed by the free version, so I thought maybe the paid version was where it was happening. I basically saw three things happening in there.
When I choose a WSO to purchase, I forget the monetary promises. I simply purchase a WSO hoping I can get some valuable information from it and learn something. So let’s say I pay $10 for a WSO about learning how to grow a Facebook following. If I actually learn some good info about how to do that, I’m happy to pay the $10 and will probably seek out more WSO’s to purchase from that person. On the other hand, if all I got was some low quality PDF file and a subscription to a spammy email list, I have absolutely no reservations whatsoever to request a refund and an un-subscription from their email list. None at all.
Well, I hate to break the news to you, and I’m probably going to upset you, but the reason you haven’t made a dime online yet using free traffic, is because you’ve probably spent so much time and money following FAKE gurus online telling you FREE traffic doesn’t work that you’ve missed multiple golden opportunities to tap into 100% FREE traffic goldmine that could have generated you thousands of dollars by now.
There was a lot more organic traffic searching for products than there appears today. But, as Will mentioned, if you keep at it, and have something of true value, you can carve out your own success niche. Most warriors simply do not give it enough time and enough tries at bat.
Firstly, it is important to understand how affiliate marketing works. Put simply, if you take a look at or you firstly sign up as an affiliate. You then choose a product to promote and you are given an affiliate code to place on your website or on a site like or where you can create a lens on Squidoo or a Hub on Hubpages.
Second, I setup an email to go out on the fourth day after someone had joined the course inviting them to leave an honest review in the sales thread in exchange for a free 30 minute Skype coaching session with me.
The problem is that many of the products in the Clickbank market place are pure dross and any self-respecting would be online business owner is bound to have great difficulty recommending them to anyone.
Second phase is product up and running. It starts when you have launched your product. You should then create an attractive and profitable affiliate program on your website. You should then start using networks like Warrior Plus or Click Bank. These affiliates will keep on pushing your product to new audience and your sales will keep on growing.
Also, on top of failed consistency, you are going to be listening to about 60–90 minutes of questions before you find that one little piece of knowledge. Is there a way that you can listen to some of these folks without having to join the War Room? Oh, if only there were, right?
So they’re a guarantee of nothing. Have you heard of the 80/20 Rule, aka Pareto’s Law? It says that a small portion of causes produce most of the effects. In the case of affiliates, a small number of affiliates will produce most of your sales.
From many weeks, I have thought to start affiliate marketing for my blog but then I realize that I don’t have even 10,000 subscribers to my list. So, for now I am working to increase my subscribers than I would jump right in affiliate marketing. And if you would ask my one question which is, Should I start affiliate marketing even though I don’t have a good e-mail list?
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