3. This way you know those guys that have joined your list, are far more likely to want to invest in the affiliate offer you put in front of them because of the FREE offer they signed up for is very much in line with the affiliate offer you wish to promote.
I just hear about that so many of these JVs, not only would they only promote WSO’s with 100% commission, though only brand new unknown WSO’s that have never been released before (even if they had great conversion rates). I guess it’s cause they’re banking off the buzz and excitement of a ‘new’ product to their lists?
Or create a true, honest product based on something you have accomplished such as passing a difficult exam, overcoming obesity, sharing your to die for chocolate chip cookie recipes you created, or how to overcome the stigma of owning a pit bull.
Just because it didn’t work once doesn’t mean you can’t learn from what went wrong and then make it work next time. Analyse where the problem was. Was it a poor product? Lack of traffic? No affiliates? Poor market research when releasing the WSO? All of the above?
Once you set up a passive income ninja machine, you’re good to go. The income will come in over time if you set it up properly- and from this point it’s set and forget! If you want to increase your set and forget income, simply add more machines.
I will find my own way, in my own time, that suits me. What I am doing now frustrates me some, but I do enjoy it. I am learning how to deal with very odd problems. And I will make it. Because I will not stop till I find my way. I have narrowed my focus to things I enjoy doing more. The way I was doing the WSO was not working for me as it wasn’t my success I was selling, it wasn’t believable I think. Maybe, maybe not. Either way, it cost more than it earned. Not a good business model.
A point of note here is Amazon’s affiliate commission. Not only does its cookie expires in 24 hours but its commission rate of 4% in itself is so small. Better to have other affiliate programs with higher commission rate around and have it on the side as it is difficult for small sites to earn big by relying on Amazon as the main cash cow.
Well said and that can be the trouble with WSO’s people with no experience of making money/running a genuine business are trying to ‘teach’ it by re writing other peoples WSO’s and then selling as their own (a method ‘taught’ in some WSO’s)
Second phase is product up and running. It starts when you have launched your product. You should then create an attractive and profitable affiliate program on your website. You should then start using networks like Warrior Plus or Click Bank. These affiliates will keep on pushing your product to new audience and your sales will keep on growing.
Just like every other affiliate network you sign up for you get that information from the network. There are more than one that provide WSO’s for warrior forum. Warrior Payments, Warrior Plus, and JVzoo, I am not sure if there are others. So whatever one you sign up for is where you will get your information
yup the only thing you forgot to mention is how these people are usually selling the secret of how they earned for the rock bottom price of $10 and no one thinks twice to question why if someone was making that kind of money in the first place why would they waste their time telling everyone about it for practically nothing lol
Warrior plus is a helper site for Warriorforum which will let you become a Warrior forum Affiliate and you can do more than becoming an affiliate. If you wish to sell your own product on Warriorforum, Warriorplus will let you quickly manage your WSO’s, partner with other JV’s and add an affiliate program to your WSO’s.
great tips specially for me. i really found this post helpful. and i want to share that i didn’t know about the immediate payment’s importance. but you make me realize this. and yeah affiliate marketing is actually about working smarter.
Selling digital products is a great source of income for  entrepreneurs—it’s a semi passive income source because efforts  are required for marketing  your created products  to attract traffic to your online Moneysites and provide customer support for them, unless such supporting  services  are being outsourced.
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Thank you for saying all of that, not so new. I purchased a five star WSO that cost me less that ten dollars some months ago, the budget is tight at that week. It turns out that the seller is friendly and I am willing to opt in his list. Just some days ago I purchase his high ticket webinar session.
As a very special gift to you, we’re including exclusive access to several super-secret, super-powerful insider resources, private mastermind, training materials, and trade secrets never before released to the public!
Major web brands and Fortune 500 companies are paying top dollar to tap into this kind of technology in order to get laser targeted traffic for pennies on the dollar (and create themselves a huge ROI repeatedly).
The range of instant commissions could be around 5% up to 95% which will be determined by the available product. You’ll definitely acquire a lot better than you expect especially that you can select items that will suit best to your potential clients.
In addition, we spent thousands of hours interviewing hundreds of today’s most successful affiliate marketing masters. This book is a compilation of their secrets and proven successful ideas. Additionally, we give you hundreds of tips and tricks to ensure your website is optimized for maximum search engine effectiveness, which will drive business to your Web site and increase sales and profits. You will find actual case studies from companies who have used our techniques and achieved unprecedented success. If you are interested in learning hundreds of hints, tricks, and secrets on how to implement affiliate marketing, optimizing your website for maximum search engine effectiveness, developing a cost-effective marketing campaign, and ultimately earning enormous profits, this book is for you.
I love working companies that pay lifetime commission, no matter how little the commission may be. By the time you earn those little commissions for several years, you would have surpassed what the people who earned a big one-time commission earned.
LaFemmeFinancer is typically involved with large sums of money, often mistaken for a pastry, has bigger testicles than most cockerel’s and could possibly bring disaster to any man who becomes involved with her.
If we are talking the classic marketing/blogging niche (MMO), then solid webhosting products, theme frameworks (assuming WordPress is used), email marketing services, and keyword research software like Market Samurai are the go-to tools to promote.
6) All of these reviews point the unususpecting searcher to WA as being their #1 recommendation, best of the bunch, etc. They are linked over to the WA review, which is much better written and always glowing.
Most WSO ads in the Warrior Forum are about the same… They state a problem many internet marketers face (low traffic, low revenue, etc.), then state how THEY found a solution to the problem, and then tell you that if you pay them a certain price, they will reveal the juicy secrets to you. Most WSO’s will state insane monetary figures with phrases such as, “I’ve earned $10,000 in 2 months using this super simple technique!”
And as Jarrett has explained, for every problem comes an opportunity. As affiliates get paid higher commissions, you sometimes just use a product to build a buyers list that trusts you and your recommendations
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2. Numerous members, often friends of the WSO seller or people who recieved a review copy then come in and say what a great actionable method it is with loads of “killer content” and highly recommend it even though they’ve earned nothing with the method themselves.
The people on top of the WSO+ lists aren’t wizards, they’re just putting in more effort than your typical WSO salesman who puts up a WSO and calls it a night. It’s not the reality behind WSO sales, it’s the reality behind selling a product period.
Nikhil Jain is your friendly neighborhood Canuck – a small-town Canadian that grew up shoveling horse manure and now spends his time wading through equally mucky financials. He studied math and physics, and now works in private equity. He writes articles on economics, global finance, science and world-changing events now and then.
Does anyone know what the top 10 Best-Selling WSO’s are since this new forum started in 2008? Is it possible to find out what WSO’s in the Special Offers Forum have had the most views/replies/thanks? I tried sorting by views, but it did not work out.
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