I hear so many people say things like “knocked this WSO out in under an hour” etc. Though that makes me question how much they really put into it to make it their best quality and knowledge. The Ebooks I’ve written have taken me weeks to write with hours and hours of reediting and adding more content to them. Though maybe I’m just a perfectionist.
I think you hit the nail with your post here. Surely there will be Wso’s that generate lots of money, enough to take a break for a few months or even a year, but over 90% of the Wso’s don’t reach the income one expects when launching it i think.
In this article, I will focus on how to properly use Warrior Forum WSO’s in a way that will truly grow your business. This is something I’m pretty experienced at as I’ve easily purchased more than 100 Warrior Forum WSO’s over the years and continue to purchase new WSO’s monthly. But, along the way, I’ve learned a few things about how to use Warrior Forum WSO’s properly.
The range of instant commissions could be around 5% up to 95% which will be determined by the available product. You’ll definitely acquire a lot better than you expect especially that you can select items that will suit best to your potential clients.
Wait a minute… Why not rework the WSO, change the offer and make it work instead of giving up on the product. If it’s valuable information you want to share with the world then look for a way to make it work.
If you release a WSO and it doesn’t do the numbers for you that you were hoping, do you always need to come up with a brand new method and product to try next time doing better on what you did wrong? Or is it ok and profitable to learn what you did wrong and then correct those things to relaunch the same product the correct way?
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4) Traffic is another issue that people seem to forget about. Just because you have some amazing product, doesn’t mean everyone’s going to come running to it, you have to get it out in front of them. Yes, a JV with a list helps or perhaps even some PPC but there are multiple ways to promote a product or WSO after it launches to keep getting traffic.
3. Most people who buy the WSO either don’t implement the method after reading it or they do implement it and come across a stumbling block which prevent them getting results because the method is either horseshit, no longer is effective, has become saturated or isn’t backed up with good support.
Also, if you do set up an actual WSO it’s going to be difficult with only 3 posts to your name. People are immediately skeptical of ALL WSOs but especially if you don’t have much action on your profile.
If we are talking the classic marketing/blogging niche (MMO), then solid webhosting products, theme frameworks (assuming WordPress is used), email marketing services, and keyword research software like Market Samurai are the go-to tools to promote.
Thank you Ana for this informative post about affiliate marketing. Internet is about trust and there are so many affiliate programs out there. Seldom do we find an affiliate product that we can trust to help us monetize our blog and your tips are something I should read on again when looking for the best affiliate marketing programs out there. I know every internet marketer has affiliate programs and this post will best help us to scrutinize the programs better.
Let’s say you were going to sell a WSO at $10 with an OTO of $27. Let’s also assume you were going to stick with the new standard of 100% on front end and 50% on OTO to affiliates. Finally, let’s also assume you did pretty well and sold 500 copies on the front end and your OTO converted at 30%. These numbers are a bit high nowadays, but let’s just assume you were able to secure a bunch of good partners to promote you.
Nikhil Jain is your friendly neighborhood Canuck – a small-town Canadian that grew up shoveling horse manure and now spends his time wading through equally mucky financials. He studied math and physics, and now works in private equity. He writes articles on economics, global finance, science and world-changing events now and then.
Try the product for 30 days and if it isn’t the best investment you’ve ever made for the low cost onetime fee, or even if you’re just having a bad hair day, we’ll give you a full refund back, no questions asked. We strongly believe in selling with value, and that’s exactly what we have for you here.
On my last WSO we messed up the $27+ 50% OTO and at the very last minute had to pull it cause of it’s issues just before launching! So mad! So only had a 100% FE and low price $12 75% BE. Though if I had not had to pull the high price OTO it would of been worth it since it sold about 1,400 copies (that mostly all went to affiliates).
As a very special gift to you, we’re including exclusive access to several super-secret, super-powerful insider resources, private mastermind, training materials, and trade secrets never before released to the public!
Up to this point, you could not really blame the affiliates. These reviews are natural outcomes of the training, including repeated assurances that WA is the best, so they do their readers a favor by recommending WA. WAoffers no proof of that, just keeps repeating it in their training materials.
“I just started my first WSO or put out my first Kindle book or got signed up for Amazon just like all those guys making tons of money and I haven’t made squat. Can you tell me what is wrong? What do I have to do?
This is all hype. Are they outright lying to you? Maybe. People selling WSO’s are just regular people, not huge corporations. If they make a false claim, it’s probably not going to cause the Federal Trade Commission to open an investigation and shut them down. WSO’s are largely unregulated and because of that, it opens the door to a lot of dishonesty and less-than-ethical sales tactics.
For example, if I was to promote a product on graphics for Facebook Fan Pages, I would talk about how one can use Fan Pages to build a list and how important graphics are in getting people’s attention. Then I would give a link to the graphic package.
I am currently looking into Affiliates(Along with other methods, systems) this mainly came about due to my realizing that Adsense is not worth using. It just takes up space on a website(Blog) that could be put to better use.
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