1. You can continue the manual way to experiment around Facebook, try different strategies, software and training that will never work for you. Only to end up losing a lot of money and sunken in more failures.
Most of the time, I use individual affiliate products to promote and earn money, but after a while it gets saturated. One simple rule of keeping your affiliate income on the fire is by keep adding new and relevant product. I have used Shareasale, CJ for many products and lately I started promoting products from Warriorforum. Since most of the products listed on Warriorforum are exclusive, unique and landing page is always appealing, it converts better than any other affiliate program I use.
You don’t need to worry about researching for hours or creating your own content. With VYCO, you’ll be able to see all the viral trends, videos, content, and headlines from multiple top social networks. There’s no guesswork or much effort needed, it’s all available for you at your fingers tips.
Honestly, this works on me. I love guarantees because it allows me to try out a course and if I’m not satisfied, I can get my money back. I’ve requested my money back on a whole bunch of WSO’s and every single time I’ve been given my refund (although a couple times it took some effort).
We have politely let the ranking affiliates know that they hurt the chances of high-traffic success by *97%* with a link to The Study. Only 1 had a conscience that was sufficienty developed to take it down.
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The reality of making money online period is, it’s not easy (contrary to what people who don’t understand the internet says) and if it was as easy as some info products would have you believe, everyone would be doing it, making the value of money hit rock bottom.
Seriously, there is nothing out there right now as complete as VYCO. This has all the features that you’d expect in a $997 product, and it combines the power of all the top social networks on one easy to use dashboard…
Hi Ana, the blog placement from my right to left is a good change. I remember your blog on JVZoo.com it was very descriptive and had good insight. Aweber is what works best for me too. Thanks for the guidelines and the links.
yup the only thing you forgot to mention is how these people are usually selling the secret of how they earned for the rock bottom price of $10 and no one thinks twice to question why if someone was making that kind of money in the first place why would they waste their time telling everyone about it for practically nothing lol
I hear so many people say things like “knocked this WSO out in under an hour” etc. Though that makes me question how much they really put into it to make it their best quality and knowledge. The Ebooks I’ve written have taken me weeks to write with hours and hours of reediting and adding more content to them. Though maybe I’m just a perfectionist.
Second phase is product up and running. It starts when you have launched your product. You should then create an attractive and profitable affiliate program on your website. You should then start using networks like Warrior Plus or Click Bank. These affiliates will keep on pushing your product to new audience and your sales will keep on growing.
And to top this off I’m backing it up with my 30 day full money back guarantee. If for any reason you aren’t completely satisfied within the first 30 days, simply ask me and you’ll get a full refund – no questions asked. No hassle. It’s that simple. Enjoy!
And as Jarrett has explained, for every problem comes an opportunity. As affiliates get paid higher commissions, you sometimes just use a product to build a buyers list that trusts you and your recommendations
I agree with you that one of the best and well known autoresponders out there is Aweber, but its price is not cheap. Considering that, have you ever tried E-response? this autoresponder is far cheaper than aweber and the other well known autoresponders, but I wanted to have your opinion about it. Is it worth giving this autoresponder a try? thanks in advance.
Affiliate marketing is an advertising technique that originally was developed by Amazon.com. In this new book you will learn how to master the art and science behind affiliate marketing in a matter of hours. By investing a few dollars you can easily increase the number of visitors to your Web site and significantly increase sales. If you want to drive high quality, targeted traffic to your site, there is no better way than affiliate marketing. Since you only pay when a sale is made, your marketing dollars are being used more effectively and efficiently compared to any other advertising method.
Back in the day, it was ok to offer 50% across the board to affiliates, but with the low cost front end WSO’s ($7-$10) the new standard seems to be 100% commissions on the front end and 50%-100% on the OTO.
Don’t distribute affiliate earnings until your customer return window expires. If a customer has 7 days to return your product, then hold on to aff commissions for that long. If it’s 30 days, then 30, and so forth.
yup the only thing you forgot to mention is how these people are usually selling the secret of how they earned $XXXXX for the rock bottom price of $10 and no one thinks twice to question why if someone was making that kind of money in the first place why would they waste their time telling everyone about it for practically nothing lol
The problem is: A lot of people today want everything for nothing and don’t want to put any kind of spin or action into anything. Just take a look at some of the scraping sites where people give away people’s WSOs and how many people lurk there requesting things.
As an Affiliate, I get a bit upset at some of these Vendors that are Here today, gone tomorrow. They may have a great product, but do a limited sale, then it is off to the next launch, or the Vendor does not keep up maintenance on the Host site and links get broken.
Offers on WarriorPlus have a “Pulse” score, which is an indicator of affiliate performance for that offer over the past few months. A higher “pulse” would indicate more overall activity for an offer…
If you are really new JVZoo, it can be very difficult at the beginning. I know about a full course from Sam Bakker, called JVZoo Academy. It is very effective and realistic, can help you save tons of time. Hope this helps.
A blog scientist by the mind and a passionate blogger by heart ❤️. Fountainhead of ShoutMeLoud (Award winning blog), speaker at various international forums.Life motto: Live while you can! Teach & inspire while you could & Smile while you have the teeth.
Shawn – I love this post. I have set up a handful of WSO’s over the years. All did ok, though none were even close to stupid money successful. The last one I did was a bomb here on the forum. I relied too heavily on the Warrior Forum to do all the work for me.
Well, there are several reasons to this , one of the most significant is the unlimited income potential and you will have full control over all the details of the product and its pricing, which is not the case if you are promoting a product as an affiliate. 
Interesting post, I just launched my first WSO last month, got WSOTD and got over 500 sales. But I am not leaving my customers deserted, doing some good after sales service for them. The great thing about having a digital product is that you can continue to relaunch it in many platforms!So going to relaunch it in Jvzoo as well!
You will learn from the best marketers on the net, because of the 24/7 live support  from members and if you need help Kyle and Carson the owners are there to help you unlike other  internet gurus who don’t fine the time to respond to simple emails.
This forum is for Internet MARKETERS. Any product requires good marketing which can include building a list or an audience in advance. Lining up good affiliates you know and that have a list responsive to your offer. Running ads to the right market on Facebook or anywhere else your target audience hangs out. In other words, investment.
I think what you are referring to with tiered aff programs is the fact that you get much smaller referral fee % for your second tier. This is very normal – consider the fact that this is pretty much free money that you don’t have to work for.
5. Just because you launch a free (or paid) WSO doesn’t mean it’s dead when it drops off page 3. It’s your job as a marketer to keep promoting it in different ways. Think outside the box here folks…
Because I didn’t have a huge amount of affiliates I was relying on the large amount of traffic the WSO section of the warrior forum gets to get put my sales page in front of customers and it was slow going.
He’s right. Relying Solely on WSO’s as a source of your income is a high mistake that many people (newbies especially) are guilty of. The best way to use WSO’s is to use them as a way to gather leads and build your list. And of course only sell or promote high quality products.
However, once affiliates know the damages that they inflict on those who buy WA after reading one of those fake reviews, it falls on them (cost of product, lost time, pain and suffering of failing to reach significant goals). Worse, WA’s Terms of Service puts all the legal weight on them, whereby they indemnify the company (for following the process, basically!)
Does anyone know what the top 10 Best-Selling WSO’s are since this new forum started in 2008? Is it possible to find out what WSO’s in the Special Offers Forum have had the most views/replies/thanks? I tried sorting by views, but it did not work out.
This software is in a zip file that can be downloaded to your computer, opened and run from any Windows 7 or above PC with .NET Framework 4.5 and higher, and that has an active internet connection. The files created are a CSV File that can be opened with any text editor or data sheet program.
I think few of the most important factors that we must take in mind while searching for a good affiliate program to promote is that the product is priced not too high and not less so that we can get atleast a decent amount as commission. Also it is important to note the commission percentage, I think 50% and above is the best. We also should take notice that the product that we are thinking of promoting actually is related to our niche. Lifetime Cookie duration is also a must. Those are the most important factors that I search for when I try to search for a product but after reading this post I came to know about a few more stuffs that I should take notice of. Also, thanks a lot for including that additional resources, quite helpful. 🙂
Most of the product on Warrior fourm will be listed with most appealing product landing page and don’t let it fool you. Go through all the comments and see what users are talking about it. Ignore the first few comments, as most of the time they are just to increase the rating of WSO and I had one bad experience with it, when I bought some case study related to penguin update.
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