Well I would have to agree with you about these programs. The only one I don’t use and haven’t had much luck with is Amazon. Of course I’m not using their site to specifically promote affiliate products but when I have someone who has a product there I will support them. Yep, we’re not talking big bucks here at all.
Every single person who is successful went through the process of not being successful. It depends how much you want it. If you just give up after a few failed attempts then the reality is you don’t want it enough and so you will not get it — regardless of whether you have a coach or not. A coach can not give you persistence and determination and they are the two skills you need to make this work. Without those two things all the knowledge in the world will be lost with you.
When i started out i was as confused as you are now about affiliate marketing. I wanted to become a super affiliate. Then i stumbled upon wealthy affiliate the best online affiliate marketing course . It is better than warrior forum . Warrior   forum is a  good forum  and i am a free member  but it is very confusing for a beginer .
I would add one more, that the program does not have a minimum payout level. Many a time I have been annoyed when I promoted something just as much as the guys with big lists, but because my sales came to $97 commission I missed out on payment because they have a minimum $100 payout level.
I never have. never will. if your product converts and gives a high epc, that’s good enough to get alot of big affiliates on board. So there’s still plenty of money to be kept for yourself on the front end and oto.
We walk you through everything so you do not need to worry at ALL about thinking something will be over your head. And if for some reason you feel lost, you have direct access to us to help- so there’s NO chances of any roadblocks with our system.
Once we realized Facebook had left this massive secret loophole wide open, and nobody else was doing this, we knew this meant we could literally EXPLOIT this loophole at will for months and years to come. But not just us…
Nice post. Just to clarify something about Amazon’s affiliate program – although the cookie only lasts 24 hours, if the visitor adds a product to their cart during that time you still get a commission for it, provided they buy it within the next 90 days.
Want to read the best Wall St. Book Reviews in town? In the Flesh is your man. Following a day of listening to death metal, In the Flesh came up with his username and decided it was time to give back to WSO now that he was working as a full time Hedge Fund professional. “I learned more from WSO than most of the professors and advisors at my school combined…I’m excited to be able to give back.”
I think that most products have a limited life span in the WSO section. People seem obsessed with NEW launches. I’ve recommended products to my lists before that have been around for a while and are proven good sellers, work well, no complaints about the product and many members of my list have emailed me (some quite angrily) asking me why I’m promoting an old product. I promoted something a short while ago that had been released just a week earlier in the previous month and had an angry email from a guy saying I must be desperate to be promoting products from last month. :confused:
Manually it would take us days just to find the specific viral trends, videos, content and headlines that we needed for our campaigns. What we needed was a way to automate all of this from start to finish…
Thank you Shawn for this post. I created a product and was going to do a WSO, but discovered what you already wrote in your post, so I decided not to do it, although I am thinking of giving my product as a free WSO for collecting leads. The problem is that in this case also I don´t know if its really worth it. I mean that even if you get 300 or 500 leads, the quality of those freebies seeking leads is much lower than that of 20 buyers. So, in my case, I don´t really know if it´s worth doing a WSO (In a cost effective balance a solo ad could be more profitable). I would much appreciate if anybody could assist me in this dilema.
Anyone that is making money by listing products on platforms like that is working very hard to drive traffic themselves and/or already has a reputation as a good seller to attract THE RIGHT affiliates. Just having 16 affiliates means nothing if they are lousy affiliates.
There  will be some  expenses  involved   to register some  domain names, get web hosting and perhaps outsource some content. But all in all, it will not exceed the price of an iPhone or a digital tablet as long you start with small steps.
Awesome list! and great tips. Except one thing… There are a few products that Amazon won’t pay you commissions on, mostly electronics. there’s a list they have somewhere outlining them. They aren’t very many on the list but they are some of the hottest products in the market now. I think Amazon’s affiliate program gets worse every year. But luckily there are other options out there.
Traffic is the lifeblood of any website. Without it, your online business can’t produce sustainable profit. But not all traffic is created equally. To grow consistently and predictably, we need … [read more]
This software was developed for serious marketers and Entrepreneurs.List Creator Pro allows you to simply take advantage of Google by searching for keywords related to your niche. My niche is internet marketing so I target other people that are already involved in marketing and MLM etc… since I have started using this software my daily lead generation has gone to another level. The industry that I’m involved in works around generating as many leads as possible, so List Creator Prowas a no brainier for me.
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Let’s say you were going to sell a WSO at $10 with an OTO of $27. Let’s also assume you were going to stick with the new standard of 100% on front end and 50% on OTO to affiliates. Finally, let’s also assume you did pretty well and sold 500 copies on the front end and your OTO converted at 30%. These numbers are a bit high nowadays, but let’s just assume you were able to secure a bunch of good partners to promote you.
Testimonials sell. This is a proven fact. Because of that, many individuals selling WSO’s do everything they can to supply amazing WSO’s. While some WSO’s probably do use real testimonials, there is a staggering number of fake testimonials as well. Here’s how it works…
Not much, except for the fact that I strongly believe there’s no one system that works for all, yet that’s exactly what those type of companies claim. I’ve been there, done that with a couple of other similarly structured businesses; hadn’t succeeded until started my own business (this blog.)
basically my product is a REAL get rich quick scheme. whoever buy my product they will be set for the rest of their life. unfortunately people dont realize how good my product is because of too many scammers.
On the other hand, if you found an excellent product to promote on your site, but the product owner uses an off-the-beaten-path affiliate marketing program you’ve never heard of, should you not promote that product?
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We see a passive and growing monthly revenue. If we want to grow even faster, we put up more passive income machines. That’s the beauty of this system, YOU decide how fast you want to scale up your results!
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