Major web brands and Fortune 500 companies are paying top dollar to tap into this kind of technology in order to get laser targeted traffic for pennies on the dollar (and create themselves a huge ROI repeatedly).
The key is not to look at the numbers that people are calling awful. The OP was right on the mark stating that you should have a strong back end in place if you would like to make a good consistent monthly income.
YOU don’t make that much. But it doesn’t mean others are not making that much. Launching WSO’s is a process and your momentum generally builds up over many launches as you get more and more customers and more and more affiliates on board. If you give up after a few failed launches then you can never expect to grow things to the level some Warriors are operating in the WSO market.
There is also AppSumo where you can promote to their huge list of customers. You of course would add content or training program, service etc and offer them a discount…from your new value price that was actually increased.
One thing that I look for in an affiliate program is a good transparent analytics system. I want to be able to see the clicks and transactions, so that I can track my stats. Otherwise, I get a little nervous about the legitimacy of the program. Other things to look for is to see how transparent they are when answering questions and how the responsiveness of the affiliate manager.
When we first tried getting traffic, we were in your exact shoes, buying all the latest gimmicks and tricks that claimed to get us thousands of visitors instantly, only to be mislead, lied to – and constantly confused with severe information overload.
WSO has also been used in many other places online as a synonym for a cheap offer. I would quadruple check the product/service quality when anyone uses the term WSO, as I have a good idea where they come from (Warrior Forum), and unfortunately, as I said – in my mind most offers are just crap.
When I choose a WSO to purchase, I forget the monetary promises. I simply purchase a WSO hoping I can get some valuable information from it and learn something. So let’s say I pay $10 for a WSO about learning how to grow a Facebook following. If I actually learn some good info about how to do that, I’m happy to pay the $10 and will probably seek out more WSO’s to purchase from that person. On the other hand, if all I got was some low quality PDF file and a subscription to a spammy email list, I have absolutely no reservations whatsoever to request a refund and an un-subscription from their email list. None at all.
Stay consistent, work hard, do the right things, adjust when needed, keep improving, etc. and you might make a little $$ on the side a little along. As you grow and improve and learn you will be able to earn a little more.
While there are endless possibilities when it comes to creating and selling digital products, there are a few types of products that tend to be the most common. This ebook will offer various in depth understanding to various options.
Get both of these in place strategically, and you literally have a surefire way to get laser targeted $0.01 to $0.003 penny clicks to any offer you want. Combine that with our powerful Facebook ninja strategy, and you can turn this into a sure fire cash ATM over and over again…
What you want to avoid here is using Warrior Forum WSO’s as a “get rich quick” strategy. Forget the hype and forget the inflated revenue numbers. Don’t pay one bit of attention to that. Never purchase a course because of monetary promises. You should always choose a WSO based on the specific topic with the intent to learn more, not strike it rich fast.
Warrior plus is a helper site for Warriorforum which will let you become a Warrior forum Affiliate and you can do more than becoming an affiliate. If you wish to sell your own product on Warriorforum, Warriorplus will let you quickly manage your WSO’s, partner with other JV’s and add an affiliate program to your WSO’s.
Every single person who is successful went through the process of not being successful. It depends how much you want it. If you just give up after a few failed attempts then the reality is you don’t want it enough and so you will not get it — regardless of whether you have a coach or not. A coach can not give you persistence and determination and they are the two skills you need to make this work. Without those two things all the knowledge in the world will be lost with you.
This isn’t some scammy fly by night garbage product that only works in the i.m. niche. This is real scaleable passive income strategy that will work in any niche you want to and will continue to work time after time.
Just because it didn’t work once doesn’t mean you can’t learn from what went wrong and then make it work next time. Analyse where the problem was. Was it a poor product? Lack of traffic? No affiliates? Poor market research when releasing the WSO? All of the above?
One small product launch (300-600 sales) can afford some with enough income to support themselves just fine with email marketing alone. Recommending highly targeted, relevant offers to one’s list is important. One also needs to ensure that they are writing corporate quality emails to their subscribers rather than the one or two-liners that are commonly seen that offer no real value.
By the word itself, it clearly declares that direct paying affiliate networks provide associate marketers sufficient capability to meet both ends. You can expect to have your percentage sent via check or through PayPal because they will compensate you straight away.
1. You can continue the manual way to experiment around Facebook, try different strategies, software and training that will never work for you. Only to end up losing a lot of money and sunken in more failures.
Mr. X is a newly minted graduate from a very prestigious university on the east coast. He went into finance because all of his friends were doing it (he has recently discovered that he actually likes it). In his free time, he enjoys reading posts on WSO, playing video-games, women watching, defending his favorite sports teams, and keeping up with all of the news on Wall Street.
If I made that $2,000 I would be a happy camper. But when he said those figures are a bit high, he was right. The advertising costs and the cots of creating was more then the revenue for me. Not sure I will go there again.
I hear so many people say things like “knocked this WSO out in under an hour” etc. Though that makes me question how much they really put into it to make it their best quality and knowledge. The Ebooks I’ve written have taken me weeks to write with hours and hours of reediting and adding more content to them. Though maybe I’m just a perfectionist.
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2. Numerous members, often friends of the WSO seller or people who recieved a review copy then come in and say what a great actionable method it is with loads of “killer content” and highly recommend it even though they’ve earned nothing with the method themselves.
Interesting you put together picking stocks and picking the right programs, Steve. The guy who wrote the RAMOS report I recommended in the post is very much into stock market and that’s the comparison he makes in his report as well.
People selling WSO’s will often partner up with other people selling WSO’s. They promise to supply great comments and testimonials for each others products. In addition, there are Warrior Forum WSO services available that will work with forum members to post positive things about a certain person or specific WSO package. These are PAID testimonials and are, in my opinion, quite unethical.
WSO stands for Warrrior Special Offer. It is a section in the Warrior Forum which is a market place for Internet Marketers where they create threads to sell there products, as long as there is something special about the offer. Lower price than the actual price etc
Blimey, What an in-depth tutorial. I think I am gonna go through it again later on, as selling a product online is something I have been thinking about for the last few weeks. Thanks a lot for putting Steve’s post up Matthew. Great addition 🙂
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So now what? Well you do have 500 new buyers. What most people do is just start promoting other offers as an affiliate to this list. Sure you will make a few bucks, but it won’t be long before these buyers show up on everyone else’s list, get burnt out and unsubscribe…
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I’ve had an experience with Clickbank some years ago where I earned money from a small number of recurring commissions over time with an affiliate promotion. If I remember correctly Clickbank wouldn’t let me withdraw funds because they were below their minimum payout level, and they kept charging me for keeping hold of my balance; therefore I ended up never accumulating enough money and losing the lot to the tune of over $200. I was furious and have steered clear of Clickbank ever since.
I like this post of yours a lot and will be adding it as a resource for Product Launches (and for Solo Ads) to my Internet Marketing Tools page on HeyMalc ( ) as well a resource for the product I am currently developing for launch, “Get Organised To Make Money”.
I actually think that WSO’s are a useful marketing tool to generate leads, but if you are going in with the expectation that you are going to make a lot of money from selling them … you need to rethink your business.
6) All of these reviews point the unususpecting searcher to WA as being their #1 recommendation, best of the bunch, etc. They are linked over to the WA review, which is much better written and always glowing.
There’s no free lunch. There’s no get rich quick button. Barriers to entry in this field is very low, and don’t take that warning lightly. Yep, this is pretty much the affiliate marketing analogue of the “efficient market hypothesis”.
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