For example, one thing I see a lot of “smaller” affiliates do is promote the newest product launch of the day. But if you only have a small audience to start with (i.e. few blog readers or few subscribers), there are only so and so many sales you can make from a launch, even if the product converts really well.
My advice to these people is this — find the affiliate products that make sense for you, that you can stand behind 100% without reservation and look for ways to add more value to your offer that others may not, such as coaching or sharing your experiences with the product.
The key is not to look at the numbers that people are calling awful. The OP was right on the mark stating that you should have a strong back end in place if you would like to make a good consistent monthly income.
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Yes, I know that reality very well. And I have not given up, just focused my attention in other places where I think i can succeed. When I do succeed, I may return to the WSO forum to show others like myself how I did it.
Just like every other affiliate network you sign up for you get that information from the network. There are more than one that provide WSO’s for warrior forum. Warrior Payments, Warrior Plus, and JVzoo, I am not sure if there are others. So whatever one you sign up for is where you will get your information
I always go by this rule. Never promote anything that you would not recommend to your family, and always buy the products, before you promote them. How can you promote something that you are not willing to spend the money on, you shouldn’t, period!
Where IMO he falls short is that he paints a very one sided picture. One that involves massive amounts of work for very little return. I just did a WSO and did over 135 sales with no real JV. It also converted really well for an MMO product. Strong 7% My OTO did a 19% conversion and a 0% refund rate.
Because I didn’t have a huge amount of affiliates I was relying on the large amount of traffic the WSO section of the warrior forum gets to get put my sales page in front of customers and it was slow going.
Anna you have posted a great post but i am thinking from last two years to start affiliate marketing for my blog but couldn’t find a proper way how to start can you please suggest me how can i proceed any help is highly appreciated !!
Fact: success comes faster when you don’t have to go at it alone! Get exclusive access to our Passive Income Ninja FB mastermind. Ask any questions you have and get help from like minded marketers as well as access to Fergal and Carlos directly.
6) All of these reviews point the unususpecting searcher to WA as being their #1 recommendation, best of the bunch, etc. They are linked over to the WA review, which is much better written and always glowing.
1. The sales page delivers a story about how the person was flat out broke living rough, struggling in the rat race, slave to their boss, etc.. and then through their incredible “lightbulb moment” of creativity managed to devise a system that makes them a great living online earning $xxxx per month and “how you can to” if you buy this WSO, but best hurry soon because there’s “limited copies” available at this price before it goes up.
Just because it didn’t work once doesn’t mean you can’t learn from what went wrong and then make it work next time. Analyse where the problem was. Was it a poor product? Lack of traffic? No affiliates? Poor market research when releasing the WSO? All of the above?
How do you continue the lifespan of your product after the WSO? There’s plenty of guides on how to launch a WSO, though I’ve seen nothing on how to market and get lots of traffic and sales AFTER the WSO.
This incredibly-affordable one-time price discount is our way of making sure that VYCO is accessible to anyone who needs to maximize their traffic, generate more leads, get more customers, and/or boost sales.
Wow, great post – liked it a lot. With so many claims about make $X in Y minutes etc., it’s good to see an honest and business-focused take on WSOs. Haven’t launched any of my own, but it’s interesting to see how things are changing.
Engage them with your questions, most of the time, it will be too silly they’ll ignore but the odd ones do reply and guide you with ebooks or articles you should have a read on. It not only puts you in the scene, you also gain some sort of ‘klout score’ that enables you send direct message to the top marketers when the time comes to make money. If your offer’s great. They’ll surely like to know more information
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On my last WSO we messed up the $27+ 50% OTO and at the very last minute had to pull it cause of it’s issues just before launching! So mad! So only had a 100% FE and low price $12 75% BE. Though if I had not had to pull the high price OTO it would of been worth it since it sold about 1,400 copies (that mostly all went to affiliates).
Affiliate networks offering instant commissions have a marketplace with lots of goods you can buy. Inability to pick one is basically not a justification, especially that the merchandise are classified based on their commission percentage, popularity, conversion rates and their type.
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Let’s say you were going to sell a WSO at $10 with an OTO of $27. Let’s also assume you were going to stick with the new standard of 100% on front end and 50% on OTO to affiliates. Finally, let’s also assume you did pretty well and sold 500 copies on the front end and your OTO converted at 30%. These numbers are a bit high nowadays, but let’s just assume you were able to secure a bunch of good partners to promote you.
After the software has created your list, you can choose what to do with it.  I recommend you follow the “No Spam Solution” as to how to use the emails you generate from the software that was developed from the CAN-SPAM ACT
The good thing is it’s already probable with the existence of various affiliate networks offering instant commissions right at the point of sale. This gives them ultimate independence over their earnings and the option to cash in their sales whenever they prefer. So what’s the purpose of waiting for a week or two if you can acquire it without delay?
The report sounds awesome. I’ve been thinking about doing all my affiliate marketing via Amazon, because they offer amazing products and because they offer commissions on everything that “my” customers are buying. On the other hand, I’ve been thinking about focusing on a few products that I’m currently using. What I’m trying to say is that affiliate marketing is hard, and that finding the right products is actually harder than promoting them.
In addition, we spent thousands of hours interviewing hundreds of today’s most successful affiliate marketing masters. This book is a compilation of their secrets and proven successful ideas. Additionally, we give you hundreds of tips and tricks to ensure your website is optimized for maximum search engine effectiveness, which will drive business to your Web site and increase sales and profits. You will find actual case studies from companies who have used our techniques and achieved unprecedented success. If you are interested in learning hundreds of hints, tricks, and secrets on how to implement affiliate marketing, optimizing your website for maximum search engine effectiveness, developing a cost-effective marketing campaign, and ultimately earning enormous profits, this book is for you.
I analyzed all of the Solo Ad/List Building WSO’s and programs on the market and I found that all of the large all inclusive list building courses were very expensive, many costing thousands of dollars.
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Well, there are several reasons to this , one of the most significant is the unlimited income potential and you will have full control over all the details of the product and its pricing, which is not the case if you are promoting a product as an affiliate. 
Parasite SEO Properties are websites that have high “Authority” in Google’s algorithm that also allow users to set up their own pages that can then be used to target a niche or specific keyword, effectively levelling the playing field with the dominant high authority sites.
Bruce C. Brown is an award-winning author of more than ten books as well as an active duty Coast Guard officer, where he has served in a variety of assignments for more than 26 years. Bruce is married to Vonda and has three sons: Dalton, Jordan, and Colton. His previous works include: He holds degrees from Charter Oak State College and the University of Phoenix. He currently resides in North Carolina.
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Best of luck for that Edward but as far as marketing is concerned you should make sure that you are doing it right.The thing is that core marketing hasn’t changed much. The main part of marketing still includes online market research surveys, Market Research Panel etc. Do make sure that you include surveys in your website to make it interesting.Discover more information at LIGHTSPEEDGMI’s website.
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